9 effective sleep products to help you get your best sleep ever!

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9 effective sleep products to help you get your best sleep ever!

It’s a fact, life is very busy and can easily become overbearingly stressful. This in turn affects the quality of sleep one can truly attain during the night. Research has highlighted that the lack of proper sleep during the night greatly alters your health mentally and physically. If sleep is a struggle for you try utilising one or more of these sleep products to aid in the sleep process.


White Noise Machine

White noise machines produces relaxing sounds that can soothe you into your sleep and keep you asleep throughout the night. Some of these sounds include raindrops, birds chirping, and water fountains. Most white noise machines have over 20 sounds prerecorded with the option of a headphone jack connection. An added plus is the size thus the quality of your sleep doesn’t have to become interrupted even when you travel.



A diffuser that accommodates the use of essential oils is ideal as they help to add moisture to the air, especially in the winter months. Depending on the selection of the oil it will create a calming scent. Lavender and bergamot are great essential oil selections to aid in quality sleep. Find recommended diffusers and air quality products here.


Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are known to decrease anxiety and improve night’s sleep. Research has proven the ability of a weighted blanket ability to help persons to calm down easier at night. Thus, for a person who has great difficulty falling asleep, this might give you the desired sleep experience desired.


Bluetooth Headphone Sleep Mask

It’s a deal! Two in one sleep aid of a mask to easily block out excessive light that could potentially affect sleep and easy access headphones to music selections to listen as you fall asleep. The use of memory foam cotton makes it soft and breathable thus accommodating extensive wear. Try the Wired Headphone & Eye Mask if you don't want to use bluetooth.


Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow

These orthopaedic pillows are specially made to provide cradle support for your head. This support helps to relieve pressure and pain in the neck and back. Based on the design it helps to naturally tilt your head backwards thus leaving your airways clear.


Anti-Snoring Nasal Dilator

This anti-snoring nasal dilator is designed to fit snugly in the wearer’s nostrils. It is made of plastic and medical-grade silicone and helps to reduce the occurrence of snoring because of the airflow it provides through the nasal passage. It also aids in reducing nasal congestion and any possible blockage as you sleep.


Smart Wake Up Sunrise Light

If you awake confused and panicked at the sound of your alarm clock beeping in the dark, you may find mornings more pleasant with this smart wake-up sunrise light. A solution that simulates sunrises and sunsets in your bedroom as a way of tricking your biological hardware into making the task of getting in and out of bed easier. This will ultimately help regulate your circadian rhythm and take you into a deeper and longer sleep.


Air Purifier

What happens when you clean your air? In a peer-reviewed study by SleepScore Labs study, 93% of users said adding a HEPA filter air purifier helped them sleep better and wake feeling fresher. This is the ideal sleep help for persons who are plagued with allergies and particularly sensitive to the quality of air as they sleep. Air purifiers are great at filtering out smoke, dust, pet dander, mould, and allergens.


Blue Light Glasses

The reality is as individuals we have become so attached to smart devices that we are unable to put them away before bed. When you wear blue blocker glasses while using these digital devices, you can prevent disruption to your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. These blue light blocking glasses will aid in blocking out the blue light rays before bedtime. Blocking blue light for 2 hours before bed has proven to improve the quality of sleep.

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